A conference on investment promotion

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(QNO) - A conference on investment promotion for Quang Nam province was jointly organized by the Provincial People’s Committee and the Taiwan’s  Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) on 18 June in Ho Chi Minh City. Present at this event were TCEO’s Director General in Ho Chi Minh, Mr Kuang-chung Liang, Permanent Vice Chairman of Quang Nam People’s Committee Huynh Khanh Toan…

Quang Nam and Taiwan’s representatives in the conference.
Quang Nam and Taiwan’s representatives in the conference.

At the meeting, Permanent Vice Chairman Toan said that until now Quang Nam province has attracted more than 128 foreign investment projects with the total capital of 2.1 billion USD including 15 Taiwan’s businesses with more than 203 million USD, especially the Uni-President Vietnam Co. ltd. with 140 million USD. However, Taiwan’s investment into the province is still modest compared with Quang Nam’s potentials, strengths as well as the ability and potentials of Taiwan’s businesses. So, the province commits to creating the best favourable conditions to attract more Taiwan’s investors.

Also at the meeting, Chief of the Quang Nam provincial Board of Investment Promotion and Business Support  Vo Van Hung informed of the provincial advantages of natural conditions and people, investment policy with fast and simple procedure via “one-stop shop” and “electronic one-stop shop” mechanisms… In addition, Mr Hung notified five prior investment fields including automotive mechanical support industry, electricity-electronics, textile, leather and footwear; consumer and household goods processing industry,  agro- forestry- fisheries, construction materials; high-tech agriculture; industrial parks infrastructure; tourism, service, urban area and human resource training.

The representatives of investors, businesses highly appreciated the investment climate in Quang Nam province. They exchanged, discussed the suitable fields to invest into the province.

By quangnam.gov.vn