A new period for Quang Nam province


(QNO) - In 2018, the growth of Quang Nam province will rely on local inter force to diversify its resources, support for businesses to develop, and ensure to grow GRDP (Gross Regional Domestic Product) by 8-8.5%.

Auto production in the province
Auto production in the province

Reported from the Quang Nam People’s Committee, in 2017, the province’s industrial production value increased more than 2%, 13.8% for tourism, 22.8% for services, and 4% for agro-forest-fisheries. The number of new-established enterprises were 1,260, the highest rise in Quang Nam. The above figures are bright points showing the capacities of local authorities’ economic management. According to Chairman of the Quang Nam People’s Committee Dinh Van Thu, this success was the effort of all political system and businesses in Quang Nam. 2017 is also the first year Quang Nam province stabilizes and regulates the local budget to Central Government.

The province plans to increase GRDP by 8-8.5%, domestic revenue by more than 9%, and the total of social investment by 1.5-1.8%. The numbers were estimated based on businesses’ production and investment in 2018; especially, Truong Hai auto corporation’s competitive capacity will be a good sign. Automotive industry will be upgraded by the hi-tech assembly. Beside, it is necessary for the province to attract investment to agriculture. The province will focus on hi-qualified, stable, sustainable and effective growth. The inflexible projects will be removed. Mr Thu said the province is ready to build basic infrastructure, clear ground and resettle, support businesses.