Adjustment of the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone


(QNO) - The Prime Minister’s approval for adjusting the general planning of the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (OEZ-Quang Nam province) by 2035, towards 2050 has just been made public.

 Chu Lai port
Chu Lai port

Accordingly, the general planning of the Chu Lai OEZ (approved in 2004) will be adjusted as follows.

The 1,012-ha non-tariff area will be divided into three parts that are respectively attached to Chu Lai airport (225ha), Tam Hiep port (40ha), and Tam Hoa harbour (747 ha).

The adjustments are also made in some industrial parks such as North Chu Lai, Tam Anh, Tam Hiep and Tam Thang; in ports and logistic centers such as Ky Ha and Tam Hiep; in tourism and services in Tam Hoa, Tam Tien and Tam Thanh communes.

The area for training and researching covering an area of 105 ha will be located in the East Tam Ky industrial zone.

The Chu Lai OEZ will focus on homestay tourism in households, experience tourism in traditional craft villages and agricultural villages.

There will be 3 urban areas in Chu Lai including Nui Thanh, Tam Anh and East Tam Ky; some newly-developed industrial parks for gas-energy and gas-energy-using industries in Tam Quang commune (Nui Thanh district), South Thang Binh and the Thang Binh high-tech industrial zone (Thang Binh district).

The Chu Lai OEZ will be built to be modern, attractive and characteristic based on its natural landscapes and eco-system, especially those of Truong Giang river and An Hoa bay. Its administrative center will be put in the administrative center of Tam Ky city.

There will also be a modern hospital of international standards and a regional-level sport center. Housing quality will be gradually improved.

Chu Lai - Ky Ha port system will be built to become a logistic center of the region. The south, north and center of the Chu Lai OEZ will be prior to develop tourism.

The Chu Lai OEZ is oriented towards the development of environmentally friendly industries. They are of automobile, automobile supporting, textile and garment, gas and power. Its transport system is also upgraded, which is ensuring safe easy travelling.

The Chu Lai OEZ covers an area of 27,040 ha, including Nui Thanh town, Tam Quang, Tam Hiep, Tam Hoa, Tam Anh Nam, Tam Anh Bac communes and part of Tam Nghia (Nui Thanh district), Tam Thanh and Tam Phu communes, part of Tam Thang commune and An Phu ward (Tam Ky city), Binh Hai, Binh Sa, Binh An, Binh Trieu, Binh Minh, and Binh Dao communes (Thang Binh district). It is bounded by the East Sea in the East, Da Nang - Quang Ngai highway in the West, Quang Ngai province in the South, National way No1 and coastal road 129 in the North.