Biotech application in shrimp farming


(QNO) - Application of biotechnology has really brought several benefits to shrimp farmers in Quang Nam.

A shrimp farmer beside his bio-product.
A shrimp farmer beside his bio-product.

High efficiency

Application of biotechnology in shrimp farming is effective in Quang Nam. Bio-products made from banana, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, etc. help treat contaminants thoroughly during the process of shrimp ponds renovated and probiotics can increase resistance to diseases in shrimps. Thus, the commercial values of shrimps raised by biotechnology are higher and more popular with customers than those by chemicals. Moreover, shrimps raised by biotechnology can be exported, which makes a dramatic increase of their values.

Biotechnology has also been effectively applied for canvas-lined shrimp ponds in Quang Nam sandy areas. Thanks to biotech application, shrimp farming occurs all year round there, contributing to the locals’ income improvement.


According to Fishery sector, application of microbiological products, probiotics or advanced biotechnology in shrimp farming is a good solution for sustainable development. Biotech application in shrimp farming also helps protect environment and decrease water pollution. Therefore, the models of shrimp farming using biotechnology should be replicated. Besides providing safe and clean shrimps to domestic markets, farmers can export their products.

Thereby, their income will go up, their lives will be better; the local socioeconomic status is also bettered. However, farmers should use only probiotics that are on the list of products allowed to be used.