Central Vietnam: Economic recovery


The cities and provinces in Central Vietnam are making every effort to achieve the double goal: Covid-19 prevention and economic recovery.

An industrial park in Quang Nam province.
Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Industrial Park in Quang Nam province.

The Covid-19 epidemic did a great deal of harm to the economic development in Central Vietnam, especially to tourism in Da Nang, Thua Thien-Hue, Quang Nam, and Quang Ngai.

Up to now, the epidemic has been under control, these localities are trying to achieve the economic recovery and development.

Thua Thien-Hue is considered as one of the tourism centre in Central Vietnam. Post-Covid-19 tourism stimulus measures have been implemented there in order to attract visitors to the province.

Tourism agencies are focusing on domestic visitors in the new normal state in Vietnam and the risk context of Covid-19 in the world, exploiting community-based tourism, adventure tourism and vacation tourism.

Besides, the government should accompany and support tourism businesses through policies on taxes, water and electricity prices so that they can get over their difficulties.

Regarding My Son Sanctuary (Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam), the UNESCO’s world cultural heritage has reopened for visitors in the new normal state.

During the time of Covid-19, there were rearrangements and improvement in the relic area to make it more attractive to visitors. The reopening of My Son Sanctuary is considered to be necessary for Quang Nam tourism to stimulate its growth.

It is expected that Vietnam tourism will be recovered by mid-2021. Hopefully, foreign visitors will return to Vietnam in general, Quang Nam in particular.

Although the Covid-19 epidemic has been controlled, visitors seem to be afraid of visit Da Nang city. Therefore, a lot of measures have been done to support Da Nang tourism to adapt to the post-Covid-19 new normal state, helping tourism businesses operate effectively via a variety of new tourism products and services.

Tourists in Quang Nam
Tourists in Quang Nam

Besides, the image of Da Nang- a safe tourist destination has also been introduced and promoted to public. Moreover, several tourism stimulus programmes have been launched to attract more visitors to the city.

In addition, Da Nang is making every effort to host some events and conferences at national and international levels, carrying out smart tourism models by using VR360 to promote tourism activities there.