Choosing land for doing business


(QNO) - South Korea is currently the largest foreign direct investment (FDI) investor in Quang Nam with 31 projects of a total investment capital of 250 million USD, thanks to the cheap land for rent, good infrastructure, clear investment policies of the province. The South Korean investors in Quang Nam include Seo Nam company (aquatic product processing), Woochang Vietnam (garment for export), Shin Chang Vina (medical equipment), YS VINA (clothes), Sedo Vinako (camping instruments and clothes), One Woo (clothes), Hutecs Vina (medicine and functional foodstuff), Gift by Design (printing and paper bag), Nare (processing agricultural products and agricultural  by-product after harvest)…

Garment and textile Panko company at Tam Thang IP
Garment and textile Panko company at Tam Thang IP

Tam Thang Industrial Park (IP) in Quang Nam province really booms with large projects and promises to create new breakthroughs for the Eastern region of Tam Ky city, bringing an opportunity to participate in global garment and textile value chain. Besides, Tam An IP (Nui Thanh district) attracts some South Korean investors such as South Korean firm C&N VINA Tam Anh with the plan on building Tam Anh-South Korea IP with a total investment capital of 525 billion VND towards a complex area of industry, urban area and services, garment, fashion, accessories in South Korean cultural style.

According to Chairman of Panko- Choi young Joo, Panko decided to choose Quang Nam for its favourable conditions and potentials to develop a strong and long industry. Panko has a plan to build the trade-service complex, infrastructure of sports, education-training in the province. Mr. Mindu, Chairman of the project of Fashion Garment highly appreciated Quang Nam’s investment climate as well as labourers’ skills. Director of Sedo Vinako Byung-Tae, Kim said investment environment in Quang Nam province is always attractive. His business received many supports from local authorities, management agencies and decided to enlarge its investment project in the second phase, giving employment opportunities to 1,500 local labourers. Many experts confirmed South Korean investors come into Quang Nam province thanks to the dynamism of policy operation in order to mobilize all resources to build competitive and healthy investment climate and proper investment attraction.