Climate change adaption in aquaculture


It is necessary to have solutions to negative impacts of climate change on aquaculture.

Difficulties in freshwater fish farming due to climate change
Difficulties in freshwater fish farming due to climate change

Severe weather, especially the warmth of water, as a result of climate change has created bad impacts on aquaculture in Quang Nam province. A lot of aqua-farms have become unprofitable.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out the solutions to bad impacts of climate change in aquaculture in Quang Nam.

Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Tri Thanh suggested that the activities in aquaculture should be changed to adapt to climate change.

The infrastructure of aqua farming systems should be bettered to react timely against accidental situations. The farmers should culture species with good resistance.

In addition, Quang Nam is calling for investment in high-tech aquaculture.

According to some experienced farmers in aquaculture, a pause between two crops is very necessary. It is the time for the farmer to improve the environment and conditions of aqua-farming.

Moreover, the models of aquafarming that reduce green-house gas emissions and adapt to climate change should be applied.