Climate- smart groundnut cultivation in Quang Nam


Groundnut cultivation on the model of climate smart agriculture (SCA) in Quang Nam helps save irrigation water and fertilizers, reduce the dead rate, and generate 30% higher productivity than traditional cultivation.

Climate-smart groundnuts in Quang Nam. Photo:
Climate-smart groundnuts in Quang Nam. Photo:

The SCA model is applied for the Summer-Autumn groundnut crop 2020 in Tam Dan commune, Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province.

It is the 2nd crop groundnuts have been cultivated on the SCA model in Tam Dan with the support from WB7 project. Farmers are provided with peanut seeds, farming tools and farming techniques.

Different varieties of groundnuts are cultivated in different crops in order to adapt to different weather conditions.

It is reported that farmers have got bumper crops. Besides, the SCA model also helps farmers reduce their production cost.