Climate- smart rice cultivation in Quang Nam


Rice cultivation on the model of climate smart agriculture (CSA) has got good advantages, helping people reduce costs and increase productivity.

Climate-smart rice cultivation in Duc Bo field. Photo:
Climate-smart rice cultivation in Duc Bo field. Photo:

There are currently 75 hectares of Duc Bo field in Tam Anh Bac commune (Nui Thanh district) to be used for rice farming on the CSA model.

Besides providing paddy seeds, the Centre for Agricultural Techniques of Nui Thanh district supports farmers with farming methods, so the rice grows well.

It is reported that it is the second rice crop on the CSA model in Tam Anh Bac. The crop is estimated to produce a yield of around 70 and 80 quintals a hectare, better than traditional farming methods which produce about 50 or 60 quintals a hectare.

Moreover, rice cultivation on the CSA model also helps cut production costs. The farmers are instructed to use compost and organic fertilizers at the right time, hence avoiding waste.

Hopefully, more and more farmers join the CSA model in the time to come.