Competitiveness improvement


(QNO) - Quang Nam is making every effort to improve the quality of services, remain its PCI (Provincial Competitiveness Index) in the top 10.

Coffee for businessmen, a channel to interact with businessmen
Coffee for businessmen, a channel to interact with businessmen

From reality ...

The provincial People’s Committee’s statistics showed that during the last six months, there were 473 enterprises established (up 30 enterprises compared to the same period of 2016), over 99% enterprises making up tax online, and nearly 93% of the number of enterprises using e-tax payment. The impressive numbers result from the administrative reform, especially minimizing the time of administrative procedures; the improvement of investment environment, creating opportunities for businessmen to approach land funds, loans and credits; and the increase in the competitiveness. According to director of the Quang Nam Centre for Public Administration and Investment Promotion Vo Van Hung, there are about 235 dossiers on the transactions here every day with the principle of satisfying the locals and entrepreneurs; and over 200 online public services. In 2017, the Centers for Public Administration of Tam Ky city, Hoi An city and Dien Ban town are set up.

To the success in reform

Although there were some certain successes in administrative reform and investment attraction, the local policies on taxation, natural resource and land have been unstable and promulgated their guidelines slowly,  making it difficult to receive, manage and diffuse the documents to public. As a result, entrepreneurs have had difficulties in administrative procedures, their investment and business.

According to Deputy Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le Tri Thanh, Quang Nam is determined to be in the group of good PCI (60 points or more) in 2017, and in top 10 provinces and cities with the highest PCI of Vietnam. The province plans to go on the effective implementation of the one-stop mechanism in administrative procedures; removing entrepreneurs’ difficulties and obstacles in site clearance, compensation and resettlement support for key projects, especially those in the East and promoted at the investment promotion conference 2017. The application of information technology, modernization of the process of receiving dossiers, and raising the professional qualifications of the staffs should also be paid more attention.