Development of supporting industries


Quang Nam is located in the Central key economic region of Vietnam. In recent years, the province has focused on developing  supporting industries to foster other industries.

The supporting industries that are prioritized in investment attraction and development in Quang Nam include automobile, textile and garment.

A textile and garment factory in Quang Nam
A textile and garment factory in Quang Nam
So far, there have been tens of large-scale FDI (foreign direct investment) projects in the province such as Groz – Beckert Viet Nam company, Amann Vietnam company, Duck San Vina, especially Panko Tam Thang Group with a total investment of 70 million USD, Truong Hai Auto Company (Thaco)…

Thaco has 12 factories producing components, spare parts and mechanical complex for Thaco’s automobile assembly factories and for export to different markets in the world.

Recently, a seminar on development of supporting industries for mechanical engineering and textiles in Quang Nam has been organized with the participation of domestic and foreign scientists, economists, supporting industry businesses.

Vice Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Huynh Khanh Toan gave a speech at the event that the province would find new effective solutions for the development of supporting industries, motivating the local economy in the future.