Eco-tourism and young start-ups


(QNO) - Hoi An (Quang Nam province) is attempting to build an ecological, cultural and tourist city, so eco-tourism becomes the start-up trend here. There are now 400 businesses in tourism. Several of them are start-ups but they are successful and create their own brands.

A cooking class tour.
A cooking class tour.

With the love for Hoi An, all the tourism start-ups focus on promoting indigenous cultural values, protecting ecological environment, and community tourism. Their popular tourism products are collecting rubbish to protect the environment, cooking classes, making lanterns, making pottery, knitting mats, picking vegetables... They are very attractive to visitors, especially foreigners.

Eco-tourism is the orientation for Hoi An development and start-up programmes in this city. So it has brought lots of benefits to start-ups since 2017 when the strategy for Hoi An development was built. Several young start-ups have been successful in their tourism products.

More interestingly, Hoi An fair takes place every two weeks. This is the place for environmentally friendly local products to be bought. The fair is a unique tourism product that is attractive to visitors.