Ensuring import and export activities at Chu Lai seaport


The Covid-19 prevention and control at Chu Lai seaport (Nui Thanh) has been drastically implemented to promote import and export activities and prevent the epidemic from entering the seaport area. 

Working atmosphere at Chu Lai seaport
Working atmosphere at Chu Lai seaport

Facilitating customs clearance

In the complicated context of Covid-19, social distancing and administrative procedure reform have been implemented at Ky Ha Border Gate Customs Branch in order to ensure import and export activities.

The problems have been solved online or via phone and email. All the businesses have been encouraged to make electronic declarations through the online service system to avoid direct contact.

The port makes every effort to facilitate the customs declaration, helping not discontinue businesses’ production.

Besides, Ky Ha Port Border Gate Customs Branch provides accommodations for the staffs who live far from home so that they can timely solve customs procedures.

Covid-19 prevention

Spraying disinfectant on containers
Spraying disinfectant on containers

All people travelling through the port are required to wear face masks, wash hands with antiseptic, make medical declaration. The staffs of Ky Ha Port Border Gate Customs Branch have already installed Bluezone application.

Chu Lai seaport is sprayed disinfectants periodically. The containers imported from the nations with high risk of Covid-19 have also been sprayed disinfectants. All these activities help to prevent the entry of Covid-19.

For ships from the epidemic areas, the quarantine is required at Buoy 0. The crews are not allowed to leave the ship except in emergencies.

For domestic ships, the crews are required to apply the measures of epidemic prevention. In addition, all workers at the seaport must wear protective gears when working on ships.