Forest potential promotion


The forest potential promotion is initially effective in Dong Giang district (Quang Nam province).

Dong Giang specialties
Dong Giang specialties

Typical products

Dong Giang district is well-known for its typical products such as A Rieu chilli, Ampelopsis Cantoniensis tea, Ka kun wine, Musa acuminate, Quyet Thang green tea, Dhrong brocade and wicker products.

Ra zéh Ampelopsis Cantoniensis tea has been recognized as a provincial 3-star product, one of the products of the OCOP programme. It is a medicinal herb used to treat the diseases concerning digestive tract and nervous system.

Besides Ra zéh tea, A Rieu chilli is another medicinal herb that is on the list of protection and development including rattan, banana, langsat, chilli, Ampelopsis Cantoniensis among others.

In addition, the district also plants acacias and big timber forests to provide raw materials for the local factories of timber processing.

At the same time, the district’s authorities have had supportive policies to attract businesses and investors in forest plantation and timber processing.

Tourism development

The Cong Troi eco-tourism site is located in the border area of Ma Cooih and Ka Dang communes (Dong Giang district). It covers an area of 120 hectares with several imposing natural landscapes of waterfalls and caves, popular flora and fauna.

Besides, there are some other tourism projects approved such as Truong Son – Song Bung ecotourism area, Fivitel Prao complex, Tay Ba Na high-class resort, and A Pang hot spring ecotourism site.

In addition, many community-based tourism sites are being built because community-based tourism is considered the key for tourism development in Dong Giang.

Accordingly, traditional crafts such as brocade weaving, making wicker products and musical instruments are recovered. Dong Giang also focuses on three national heritages: tan-tung-da-da dance, nói lý-hát lý (Ly saying- singing) and brocade weaving as the key for local tourism development.

Furthermore, there are now 56 guol houses, 48 gong teams, several traditional festivals in Dong Giang that will be exploited for tourism. Traditional foods and drinks are also believed to be attractive to visitors