Herbal products Muoi Cuong


(QNO) - Types of tea and herbal products under the trade name Muoi Cuong have been accepted by customers.

Ho Thi Muoi (left) and her herbal products.
Ho Thi Muoi (left) and her herbal products.

Among the herbal products of Muoi Cuong is jiaogulan tea which is recognized as a three-star product of the OCOP programme in Quang Nam. Muoi Cuong herbal products have been known everywhere in Quang Nam and introduced to the world through the ASEAN Fair of high-quality products in Singapore in 2018.

Muoi Cuong is owned by Ho Thi Muoi, a Ca Dong girl in Nam Tra My district (Quang Nam province), who harboured the dream of developing her local medicinal herbals when she was a student at Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry. After graduating from university, Muoi tried her best to link her ethnic community to others, bringing her local products to other markets. Recognizing the values and demands of herbals products, Muoi started to produce dried medicinal herbs (including ampelopsis cantoniensis, jiaogulan, musa balbisiana, etc.) and teas of medicinal herbs.

She also usually brings her products to domestic and international fairs for display and introduction. Thus, they become well-known, especially jiaogulan tea.