In-place export in Hoi An city


(QNO) - Trade activities in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province are getting eventful, particularly the local products are sent to foreign countries through in-place export.

A tourists is impressed by the lanterns in Hoi An city (Picture: bestkindoflost)
Lanterns and tourists in Hoi An city (Picture: bestkindoflost)

Martin Smith and her husband from France visited Hoi An city and bought several lanterns which were then directly sent to their hotel. This was the first time Mrs. and Mr. Smith came to Hoi An city. They were very impressed by the nice and light lanterns hung everywhere in the ancient town. Immediately, Mrs. Smith thought of the beautiful houses of hers and her friends decorated with new colours of these lanterns. Especially the words “Hoi An” on the lanterns would remind the couple of their journey to Hoi An.

Over the last few years, nearly 50 lantern production bases in Hoi An city have improved the product designs to attract consumers. According to manufacturer Huynh Van Ba (Lam Sa block, Cam Pho ward), in the past, lanterns were not chosen as souvenirs because they couldn’t be folded, and often took up too much room. Now, folding lanterns are very tidy and user-friendly. A tourist can buy dozens of lanterns as gifts. So, in-place products are sold increasingly. Mr Tran Ha, boss of Ha Linh production base in Son Pho 1, Cam Chau ward said lantern manufacturers in the city thought how to sell more lanterns to foreign tourists; and the folding laterns were born along with latern making tours.

Beside lanterns, clothes, leather and footwears, bags, souvenir products including fine art carpentry are numerously sold through in-place export. These products are quickly finished and delivered door-to-door to meet the tourists’demand. According to Vice Chairman of the Hoi An city People’s Committee Nguyen The Hung, in-place export will be still paid attention to in the coming time. Thus, the product’s tradename and quality are key factors in the combination of businesses and production bases.