International cooperation on e-commerce


The delegation of the Quang Nam province including representatives from the Department of Industry and Trade, local authority and businesses has recently worked with South Korean experts and Vietnam’s Commercial Affairs in South Korea. They focused on e-commerce promotion and and Quang Nam’s products advertising to South Korean businesses.

The Quang Nam delegation introduces the provincial typical products to their South Korean partners.
The Quang Nam delegation introduces the provincial typical products to their South Korean partners.

South Korea is one of the countries with fast and stable e-commerce growth thanks to the basis of information technology, especially towards the private economic sectors, businesses’ perception, human resources and legal frameworks. Over the past years, Vietnam and South Korea have built a strong economic and e-commercial cooperation. Vietnam becomes the South Korea’s second largest trade partner, just after China. Vietnam is known in South Korea through tourism advertisement.

At the working mission, the typical products of Quang Nam province were introduced to the South Korean delegation. They are wooden items, functional food made from Ngoc Linh ginseng, Nong Son aloes wood, Thanh Ha potteries, green tea, birds’ nest. According to President of South Korea - ASEAN Center for Business Cooperation Moon Ki Bong, the advantage of e-commerce is that consumers can seek information and choose products they want without travelling. So, internet infrastructure, e-payment, logistics should be paid attention to.

Currently, through the e-trading portal under the provincial Department of Industry and Trade, Quang Nam has worked with more than 200 enterprises, providing them with free support within 12 months. After that, Quang Nam will coordinate with the Vietnamese Commercial Affairs to invite experts from countries where e-commerce develops strongly such as Japan, Malaysia, China and Thailand to consult,  orient, support and protect legitimate rights and benefits of Quang Nam businesses in cooperation with those in the countries of industrial, commercial and e-commercial development.