Investment attraction in Duy Xuyen


Duy Xuyen has made every effort to build the infrastructure, to reform administrative procedures in order to attract more investment, resulting in a dramatic economic development.

Eastern region of Duy Xuyen
Eastern region of Duy Xuyen

Investment attraction

Duy Xuyen (Quang Nam province) has invested in infrastructure construction and facilitated businesses by administrative reform to attract more investment.

Besides, the district has attached importance to vocational training and improving the quality of human resources to meet businesses’ requirements.

In the period of 2015-2020, Duy Xuyen attracted 34 more projects with a total capital of VND 2,581 billion, including 20 industrial projects and 14 trading in services.

Sedo Vinako Co.Ltd at the Dong Yen Industrial cluster (Duy Trinh commue) is one of the businesses investing in Duy Xuyen.

During the period of Covid-19 outbreak, the company still kept on its operation, maintaining jobs for all the employees. It is expected that its new plant will come into operation in November of 2020, creating about 1500 jobs.

Duy Xuyen is now trying to perfect the infrastructure at industrial parks and clusters to attract more investors, giving priorities to hi-tech and environmentally friendly industries.

At the same time, the district also supports to revive traditional craft-villages, to better the vocational training and employee recruitment.


Duy Xuyen is considered to have advantages and potential to make a breakthrough in investment attraction and economic development.

The district will keep on planning adjustment, facilitating investment promotion. Duy Xuyen also plans for the investment promotion through the meetings with international organisations, businesses visiting the locality.

Besides, the projects of commercial housing and residential areas will be promoted.

The district will also go on building the infrastructure, particularly transportation system to ensure the connection between the areas of trading in services, urban areas, industrial parks and clusters and tourism attractions, creating favourable conditions for investment attraction.