Investment promotion programme 2018


(QNO) - Quang Nam province has just promulgated the programme of investment promotion 2018 in the locality.

 A signing ceremony between Quang Nam provincial authority and investor
A signing ceremony between Quang Nam provincial authority and investor

The promotion will focus on support industry, agro-forestry- fisheries processing, building materials, high-tech agriculture, raising and poultry and livestock product processing, infrastructure of industrial parks, airport, seaports, urban transport and services. In industry, investment promotion will concentrate on projects of support industry for mechanism, auto, electricity, electronics, textile-garment and footwear, local raw materials processing. Projects with risks of threatening environment, exploring resources ineffectively,  underdeveloped technology will be refused. Planning to develop material areas must be ensured to serve agro-forestry-fisheries processing; service development must serve industrial growth and open consuming market. Beside, forecasting the regional and global economic situation will be fostered to have proper investment.

To attract investors into the province, Quang Nam will speed up investment climate improvement and dialogue with investors to  unbind theirs difficulties, introduce to them provincial potentials, opportunities, help train human resources and create favourble conditions for investors.