Logistics Chu Lai


(QNO) - Chu Lai seaport (Quang Nam province) will be a centre of logistic service of the region to attract investment.

Chu Lai seaport
Chu Lai seaport

Advantageous position

Chu Lai opens its sky. It is also a connection of Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia, Thailand by land and other countries in the world by sea. In 2016, Chu Lai-Truong Hai Seaport company invested 1,000 billion VND to widen the wharf and upgrade its infrastructure. The wharf can receive three 20,000-ton ships at the same time. Chu Lai seaport was built in 2010 and the all-in logistic service was born, including receiving, delivering, distributing, and transport by sea in combination with road and airway. Goods through Chu Lai seaport are often components, spare parts, car, coal, cement, gas, tar, wood-pulp, food, agricultural and consumer product.

Chu Lai seaport is nearly 80 km far from Da Nang city and 50km from Dung Quat Economic Zone, VSIP Industrial Zone (Quang Ngai province). In 2017, the port received 2 million tons of goods, up 33% against 2016, up 82% against 2015. The wharf is hoped to receive 2.5 million tons of goods in 2018 and 4 million tons of goods in 2020.

A modern centre of logistics

Not only the domestic cargo service, Chu Lai seaport has also paid attention to international partners. In 2016, the port picked up 20,000-ton ships from Incheon port (South Korea), ships from Fancheng (China) and vice versa. To diversify logistic services, Chu Lai also has services of packing, checking and counting, granted distributing, express mail, customs declaration, insurance…Chu Lai port is a believable partner of auto corporations such as Kia Motors, Hyundai Motor (South Korea), Mazda Motors (Japan), PSA Peugeot (France). According to Director of THACO Logistics and Director of Chu Lai seaport, Chu Lai port's competitive advantage is not only its position but also package logistics and low fee. In the coming time, some container routes will be opened to Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries from Chu Lai seaport.