More than 20 million USD of FDI into Quang Nam in April 2018


(QNO) - Quang Nam province has been an attractive investment place thanks to its improvement of investment and trade climate so far. In April 2018, three foreign direct investment (FDI) projects were newly licensed with the total investment capital of nearly 80 million USD.

Workers in a plant in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone
Workers in a plant in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone

In the first 4 months of this year, Quang Nam province licensed 8 FDI projects with the investment capital total of 20.6 million USD and 18 domestic project with 1,000 billion VND. Particularly in the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, there are 125 projects licensed, including 84 industrial projects, 16 tourism projects, 12 trade - tourism projects and 13 infrastructure investment projects. Among them are 34 FDI projects with a total capital of over one billion USD.

At present, the industrial production value of the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone accounts for over 48% of the province's industrial production value, exports accounting for nearly 14% and imports accounting for over 78% of the total import and export value of the whole province.