New incentive for Ma Chau silk


(QNO) - The project of sharing intellectual property rights, which has jointly been deployed by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), the Department of Science and Technology, and the Duy Xuyen People's Committee, creates a new incentive to develop Ma Chau traditional silk weaving in Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province.

Ma Chau silk displayed in Duy Xuyen district
Ma Chau silk displayed in Duy Xuyen district

Hi-tech weaving machine

This year, KIPO and KIPA will provide Ma Chau silk company in Duy Xuyen district with a hi-tech silk loom invented by South Korea. It helps to enhance the value and brand name of the product. Mrs. Doan Thieu Trang – Head of International Cooperation Department (National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam) said the project consists of  two aspects: technology and brand name.

Firstly, Ma Chau silk should reach international standards. Secondly, the colour of Ma Chau silk should be diversified to enhance the beauty of the product. According to Director of Ma Chau silk company Tran Huu Phuong, technology helps to increase production capacity and lower the price of the product. Expectedly, Ma Chau silk products will flourish at home and abroad. He wished KIPO and KIPA to give Ma Chau silk company a support of industrial weaving and dyeing machines that can create colourful silk products meeting the market demands.

Promoting silk to the world

Within the framework of the project, KIPO and KIPA commits to support Ma Chau silk village in certificate, marketing strategies, product propagation as well as product display in Seoul (South Korea), a place to display handicraft products from many parts of the world, for the development of trade and tourism.

According to Park Si Young, Head of the Multilateral Cooperation Department (KIPO), the highlight of Ma Chau silk is woven by hand, rich in aesthetics, natural, prominent. So, the project will focus on these features to make Ma Chau silk more widely known. Manager of International Development Cooperation (KIPA) Won Huijae realized that the silk industry is in recession with just few people pursuing the traditional silk weaving.

People in Ma Chau silk village desire to be supported in silk production such as weaving and dyeing techniques to improve their product quality step by step.