Open Chu Lai sky


(QNO) - The increase of passengers and strategy for synchronous infrastructure development bring new incentives to open Chu Lai sky…

In Chu Lai airport
In Chu Lai airport

To receive the first commercial flight in 2005, a passenger terminal in Chu Lai airport with the floor area of 2,700m2 and other equipment was built by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam to exploit the arrival/departure flights. Especially, many routes into Chu Lai airport were invested methodically to attract new flights. In June 2010, Vietnam Airlines started to operate in the airport with 4 flights a week (earlier VASCO with 2-3 flights a week).

According to Director of Chu Lai airport Le Minh Trieu, the airport was marked by changing the small-seized planes to bigger ones with suddenly increase of passengers. Since May 2015, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar Pacific have opened the routes of Chu Lai-Ha Noi, Chu Lai-Ho Chi Minh city with 7 fights a day. Chu Lai airport welcomed 44,000 passengers in 2014, 155,000 passengers in 2015, and 550,000 passengers in 2016. The airport hopes to receive 700,000 passengers this year. The airport locates between two big economic zones of Chu Lai (Quang Nam province) and Dung Quat (Quang Ngai province). It is a favourable condition for its development. The two provinces support the entrepôt buses for the passengers who use services at the airport. Besides, more flights have been put into operation, ticket price has been reduced to attract more passengers.

In 2017, nearly VND 200 billion expanded project of the terminal and car parking in the first phase of Chu Lai airport will be deployed to serve from 800,000 to one million passengers every year. The second phase of the project will be continued to receive from 1.5 million to 2 million passengers a year. In the near future, Chu Lai airport expects to welcome the arrival/departure international transport flights, creating new chances for the provincial aviation sector.