Opportunities for Chu Lai


(QNO) - The problem of what to do to develop Chu Lai, the first national open economic zone (OEZ) is always a great concern.

Chu Lai - Truong Hai seaport.
Chu Lai - Truong Hai seaport.


The project on the double-stage roundabout of the National Route 1A, the roads to Tam Hiep Port and Chu Lai- Truong Hai industrial park is planned to come into operation on August 17th, 2018. It is expected to clear away traffic jams here. At this time, the THACO Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Plant (Korean technology) will also be inaugurated. In addition, the THACO Mazda plant with a capacity of 100,000 units a year and the Chu Lai- Japan sea route were put into operation in early 2018. All of them are the motivation for the development of the Chu Lai OEZ.

There are now 86 projects with a total capital of USD 1.1 billion invested in the Chu Lai OEZ. The zone has given jobs to 24,000 labourers. Several products from this OEZ have been accepted by and popular with people in ASEAN. It is considered as the driving force for Quang Nam development.

Quang Nam is currently planning 6 groups of strategic projects to develop the provincial Southeast based on the success of the Chu Lai OEZ. It is predicted that the Chu Lai OEZ will occupy 65% and 30% of the provincial density of industry and export respectively in 2020.


In spite of its success, the Chu Lai OEZ just gains the local high-level industrial zone rather than a national or regional OEZ. However, there are still lots of opportunities for Chu Lai to develop.

It is worth-noting that the master plan of Chu Lai open economic zone till 2035 with a vision to 2050 has been approved. Accordingly, the zone will be expanded in the area of 27,000 ha from Nui Thanh to Thang Binh. It will be built as a sustainably dynamic area, a centre of tourism and services, industry, logistics, urban development, and agriculture, corresponding to national and regional development strategies.

The Chu Lai OEZ will be a multidisciplinary industrial zone including automotive and supporting industries, aviation, power-gas and petro-chemistry centers, textile – garment and its supporting industries, hi-tech industries… Moreover, Chu Lai will become one of the important sites of international, national and regional multimodal transport.

According to experts’ judgments, Chu Lai has gained and is keeping up its momentum for development with lots of opportunities. If it takes full advantage of potential, strength and opportunities, Chu Lai will develop radically, becoming a bridge, a motivation for regional economic growth.