Plans for socio-economic development after Covid-19


At the meeting held by the Quang Nam provincial Party Committee on the afternoon of May 8, 2020, attendees spent a lot of time discussing the 4th draft of political report to submit to the 22nd provincial Party Congress, centring on the plans for socio-economic development after Covid-19.

Making suggestions at the meeting
Making suggestions at the meeting
The discussion focused on the achievements, shortcomings, experience, orientation, targets, missions and solutions.

One of the main contents of the discussion was to deploy and implement policies effectively in order to rehabilitate the local production and business, ensure the local lives, and speed up socio-economic growth after Covid-19.

Secretary of the Quang Nam provincial Party Committee Phan Viet Cuong asked all local authorities in Quang Nam to carry out seriously the Government’s Resolution No 42 on measures to support those who are facing hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic.