Quang Nam- Da Nang connection


Quang Nam and Da Nang have a lot of advantages in cooperation and development.

Quang Nam’s souvenir given to Da Nang on the ocassion of the cooperation conference in late 2020.
Quang Nam’s souvenir given to Da Nang on the ocassion of the cooperation conference in late 2020.

Mutual support in trading exchange

Da Nang city may be the largest consumer market in Central Vietnam and the need of in-place agricultural products is not satisfied due to limited soil.

Therefore, a cooperation agreement on safe agricultural products was signed between Quang Nam and Da Nang in November 2017.

Since then, there have been 8 chains of products to be sold in Da Nang market. Three of them have been licenced, including pork, chicken, and chicken eggs.

Three others are popular with the locals, including My Hung vegetables and Cua Khe fish sauce from Thang Binh district, and pork from Duy Xuyen.

Besides, thanks to the support from both governments, some small and medium-sized enterprises in Quang Nam (such as Ra-zeh Ampelopsis cantoniensis cooperative, Ma Cooih Agricultural cooperative, Quang Nam Agro-forestry Products Company Ltd) have had their wholesalers or distributors in Da Nang city.

Currently, Quang Nam owns 65 OCOP products. Hopefully, Da Nang will go on facilitating the activities of introduction, advertising and display of these products in the city’s market and supermarket systems. Concurrently, Quang Nam promised to provide Da Nang with a support of land to build a wholesale market.

Moreover, there were 4 Memoranda of Understanding on supporting industries, manufacturing and assembling industries that were signed in 2019.

In tourism services, the cooperation of Quang Nam and Da Nang with several tourist attractions made these two localities more attractive, becoming the most popular with domestic and foreign visitors.

Not being separated

The infrastructure construction has also been coordinated effectively by the two localities, including the routes of DT607 through Hoi An, DT603 connecting Da Nang and Hoi An through Dien Ban, and some others.

Besides, there is a plan to build a bridge called Quang Da connecting Dien Tien commune of Dien Ban Town (Quang Nam province) with Hoa Khuong commune (Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city).

Furthermore, the plan to upgrade National Route 14G connecting Da Nang with mountainous areas of Quang Nam province will be carried out soon.

As can be seen, Da Nang and Quang Nam has always supported each other in every activity for socioeconomic development.