Quang Nam: local brand name for handicraft and fine art products

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(QNO) - At  a conference organized in Hoi An on 31st May by the Quang Nam provincial Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Cooperatives Union, UNESCO and ILO, a series of local handicraft and fine art products sealed with the brand “Crafted in Quang Nam” was firstly introduced. The target is to help tourists identify the local products.

Accordingly, 34 among 100 local handicraft and fine art products of rattan, bamboo, silk, wood… were selected to be sealed with “Crafted in Quang Nam” brand.

Some pictures of special products with “Crafted in Quang Nam”:

 “Crafted in Quang Nam” helps tourists distinguish Quang Nam fine art products from the others, supporting the development of  handicraft and fine arts  in Quang Nam province, contributing to the province’s economic growth. It is a part of the responsible and sustainable tourism project in the central of Vietnam funded by  Government of Luxembourg, UNESCO and ILO in coordination with two Vietnam’s localities Quang Nam province and Hue city.

By dantri.com.vn