Quang Nam mangosteen


Mangosteen is an exotic, tropical fruit with a slightly sweet and sour flavour. It is popular with consumers and considered as Queen of fruits.

 Photo: http://cadn.com.vn/

According to some provincial surveys, climate and soil of the mountainous areas of Quang Nam is very suitable for mangosteen growth.

Currently, there are several mangosteen gardens in Tien Phuoc that develops well and brings high economic benefits. According to a farmer living in Tra Lai hamlet (Tien My commune, Tien Phuoc district) who has a one-hectare garden of 100 mangosteen plants, mangosteen grows well in this place and produces quite high yield.

Mangosteen garden in Tien Phuoc district (Quang Nam province)
Mangosteen garden in Tien Phuoc district (Quang Nam province). Photo: http://cadn.com.vn/

However, planting mangosteen in this locality is spontaneous. It is planned to enlarge the area of mangosteen in the period of 2020-2025. Tien My commune is making every effort to become a key zone of mangosteen in Tien Phuoc district. The area of mangosteen is expected to be 45 hectares by 2025.

Besides Tien My commune, Tien Chau, Tien Canh, Tien Son and Tien Ky are the places of Tien Phuoc district that are suitable for mangosteen growth.

Mangosteen young trees
Mangosteen young trees. Photo: http://cadn.com.vn/

The area of this plant in the district is about 100 hectares. Tien Phuoc plans to increase the area of mangosteen to 300 hectares by 2025 because it is a species of high economic value, contributing to the poverty alleviation in Tien Phuoc.

Along with mangosteen, Tien Phuoc is planning to grow some other plants such as grapefruit, oranges and others. The district will be built to become a fruit barn and also an eco-tourism destination of Quang Nam province.