Quang Nam opportunities at Vietnam - South Korea Business Summit


(QNO) - Quang Nam is ready for the Vietnam- South Korea Business Summit in Chu Lai on November 9, 2019, which is considered a good opportunity for Quang Nam introduction to South Korean investors.

South Korean investors to Quang Nam.
South Korean investors to Quang Nam.

A place for investors

According to Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), strategies for Vietnam- South Korea economic cooperation, plans for Central Vietnam development, and chances for investment cooperation between Vietnam and South Korea to build Tam Ky smart city and some others in South Korea will be discussed at the Vietnam- South Korea Business Summit. Over 500 people including representatives from Vietnamese and South Korean governments, economic experts and business leaders will be present at the summit. It is a chance for them to exchange information and promote investment cooperation in smart city, high technology, green technology, energy and start-up.

There will be a private place for Quang Nam to introduce its potential, strengths, mechanism and policies on investment attraction and its projects to investors.

Chances for Quang Nam

As the summit happens in Quang Nam, this locality has prepared everything carefully for it. At the place for the forums and meetings, Quang Nam will display and introduce its tourism, typical products and investment opportunities in order to attract Korean investors. Besides, this locality is ready for taking investors to some places for investment, industrial zones, clusters and parks. Quang Nam also calls for investment in the sectors that are Korean strengths such as smart city, industrial infrastructure, tourism and services, automobile supporting industry, and hi-tech agriculture. At the same time, there is a meeting where Korean businessmen and investors can get information about investment potential and achievements in Quang Nam.

The summit is a rare opportunity for Quang Nam to introduce its people and images of geography, natural and human resources, investment incentives and local culture to the world.