Quang Nam: Opportunities for all businesses

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(QNO) - Quang Nam province has actualized two governmental resolutions with specific action plans to support businesses and install their beliefs.

Supporting businesses to develop is very important to Quang Nam’s growth.
Supporting businesses to develop is very important to Quang Nam’s growth.

Supports to businesses

2016 was chosen as the year of Quang Nam’s administrative reform after the message of a “tectonic government” from Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. The first step was changing its management strategy, from controlling to serving businesses. Next, a series of economic sectors and products were re-planned so that they could fit in with the market demands and enterprises’ benefits. In addition, administrative procedures were simplified under a one-door mechanism. A provincial center for Public Administration and Investment Promotion (CPAIP) was also built and officially put into operational in early 2017 in order to facilitate the residents and businessmen.

Last year, Quang Nam was also successful in talking to businessmen thanks to the diversity of channels and business support events such as periodic meetings and business café so that the provincial leaders had timely adjustments to support businesses.

Keep on the reform process

According to the provincial statistics, the total revenue in 2016 exceeded the estimate by 49.5%. Beside the strong growth of Thaco, other economic sectors also grew at the rate of 21%. The value of industrial production was up 26.4% over 2015. All these numbers show that the businesses in Quang Nam are still healthy. Moreover, the rate of investment attraction has increased with 13 FDI project among 30 licensed ones. The number of new enterprises was reaching to 1,000; the number of non-state-owned enterprises accounted for 91.53% of those in the province. The growth of the businesses in Quang Nam was considered as a result from the provincial efforts to support businesses.

However according to the CPAIP, the provincial reform needs to be continuously carried out more comprehensively in order to better its quality, support businesses (especially new entrepreneurs) more effectively.

By ipaquangnam.gov.vn