Quang Nam: Safe growth strategies


Quang Nam needs to have solutions and strategies for the provincial safe development under the bad impacts of Covid-19, towards sustainable development.

Creating jobs for the locals
Creating jobs for the locals

The Covid-19 epidemic has created negative impacts on the local lives and the provincial economic development. Tourism, which is considered a key economic sector, seems to reach deadlock.

The activities of import and export, of production and business are very difficult and slow down. The risk of re-poverty appears.

Therefore, it is necessary to have solutions and strategies for economic rehabilitation.

Economic restructuring

To restructure the economy, there are 4 solutions, including the transformation of the growth model, developing tourism and services into a spearhead economic sector, industrial development, and sustainable rural development.

National and provincal strategies for sustainable development focus on economic closely attached to poverty alleviation and environmental protection. Since the Civid-19 reappearance, the target of public heath has been added.

Safety is, infact, a major component of sustainable development. Therefore, it is essential to apply technology in running factories and production safely.

Solutions for “safe contact” is required in services and tourism activities. It is necessary to upgrade telecommunication infrastructure, based on which digital economy develops.

Thereby, contactless communication and transactions are made in all fields. Besides, it is crucial to have proper employment policies to ensure social security.

Investment in healthcare and education

Maintaining jobs for workers in businesses
Maintaining jobs for workers in businesses

Healthcare and education are very important in social development. So, it is necessary to adjust the orientations in the new normal state after Covid19, to add the terms of remote medical examination and distance learning.

Hospitals and clinics should be invested and equipped with modern facilities in order to make sure of the medical examination and treatment.

Some economic areas related to healthcare such as biotechnology, epidemiology, bacteriology, preventive health services, vaccine study and production should be invested and developed.

Educational investment is also an important problem. It is necessary to digitalise textbooks, lesson plans and other teaching and learning materials.

Telecommunications system for education and training should be invested more to ensure the internetwork connection and online classes from urban to rural areas. The models of safe school are also a solution.

All the solutions are suggested in the hope that Quang Nam province will develop safely and sustainably. The locals will have a better and happier life.