"Quang Nam" trademark for silk products


(QNO) - The provincial regulations on using and managing “Quang Nam” trademark for silk products have been promulgated in order to protect the reputation, develop and advertise products, and give consumers confidence in Quang Nam silk.

Quang Nam silk sold in Hoi An
Quang Nam silk sold in Hoi An

The regulations are applied in all the stages of silk production including cultivating, collecting and treating raw materials, producing and completing silk products.

“Quang Nam” is a trademark registered under the laws of Vietnam. It includes the word “Quang Nam” and the picture attached to the regulation.

According to the regulations, the “Quang Nam” trademark is only used for silk products made in the Quang Nam provincial area prescribed. They must be ensured of their origin, quality and safe.

Therefore, to grant the right to use the “Quang Nam” trademark, businessmen must send a dossier of application to the owner of the trademark. The feedback will be given in 20 days.