Quang Nam will take off in 10 years


The growth of Quang Nam has been predicted. According to Dr. Tran Du Lich, member of the Prime Minister’s economic consulting group and Head of the consultancy group for cooperation and development in the Central Coastal region, the development of coastal urban areas and logistics including airport and seaport will become the motivation for Quang Nam economic growth. It will be a leading dynamic province in Central Vietnam within 10 years.

Tourism- a key economic sector in Quang Nam
Tourism- a key economic sector in Quang Nam
Quang Nam covers the largest area in Central Vietnam. With its strategic location (the shortest distance from South Laos, Northeast Thailand and Cambodia to South China Sea), large clear land fund and two world cultural heritages, Quang Nam attracts more and more investors in tourism, industry, logistics and urban development.

Ten years ago, Quang was one of the poorest provinces of Vietnam. It now emerges as one of the largest centre for automobile industry nationwide and a world’s well-known tourist attraction. Quang Nam can balance its state budget and accommodate the Central government.

Quang Nam is completely right when choosing to develop the Eastern region. The Blue Whale (Ca Voi Xanh) project and its derivational projects, the urban area of Chu Lai airport, infrastructure development and investment climate improvement give Quang Nam competitive advantages and a great chance for its strong growth.

However, the quality of human resources is a problem for Quang Nam development.

Therefore, the province tries its best to solve this problem, meeting the requirements of high-quality human resources. Besides, strategies for economic development are also changed.

Infrastructure development
Infrastructure development
Quang Nam focuses on developing industry, construction and services in which tourism is identified as the key economic sector, applying modern advanced technology in the provincial planning and developing process.

The Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, aviation urbanism, aviation logistics in Chu Lai airport and seaport are key motivations for Quang Nam growth. It is believed that Quang Nam will change better in 10 years.