Quang Nam's investment promotion program in 2016


(QNO) - The Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee has recently approved a decision on investment promotion in 2016. Accordingly, Quang Nam will focus on investment promotion activities in support industry; agro-processing industry; construction materials; services; hi-tech agriculture including fruit cultivation and process, raising and processing poultry and livestock; industrial parks’ and clusters’ infrastructure, especially that for South Korean and Japanese partners.

An investment promotion seminar in Quang Nam province (vovworld.vn)
An investment promotion seminar in Quang Nam province (vovworld.vn)

The processing and manufacturing industries with the high content of science and technology will be prioritized in investment promotion. By contrast, the projects that are likely to cause environmental pollution, wastefully exploit resources and with obsolete technology will be determinedly refused. Besides, the investment attraction will also be centered on some key industries including automotive assembly and manufacture, electricity and electronics, high-grade textile, clothing and footwear and high-tech applications.

The plans on development of materials zone for agro-processing industry, of industrial support services and products consuming markets are further attached importance.

In addition, the global and regional economic forecast is strengthened for appropriate plans on investment promotion. On-site investment promotion is seen as the key by giving active supports to the projects licensed and the projects of investment expansion.

Reportedly, there are 45 projects given priority to promoting investment into Quang Nam in the period 2015-2020.