Ready for investors


(QNO) - A Quang Nam provincial key investment promotion programme has just been issued, whereby the projects are introduced to investors and ready for their choices.

 Investment agreement signing ceremony between Thien Minh and TUI Groups
Investment agreement signing ceremony between Thien Minh and TUI Groups

Realization of investment promotion

The Quang Nam Investment Promotion Conference 2017 (on March 26 in Tam Ky city) attracted 32 investment projects with a total registered capital of USD 15.8 billion. Besides the provincial investment promotion conferences, Quang Nam leaders have given direct marketing, calling for investment at domestic and international economic forums and conferences. The number of 5300 businesses and 143 FDI projects with the total registered capital of USD 5.5 billion can confirm the effectiveness of the Quang Nam's investment promotion.

The attractions of Quang Nam are not only the abundance and diversity of natural resources, favorable geographical location but their specific mechanisms and policies. According to Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Dinh Van Thu, Quang Nam has actively searched for investors and is ready to serve businesses. For Quang Nam, businessmen and investors are companions and consultants on its economic development. Hundreds of projects with many big investors, thousands of businesses attending the Quang Nam market promise an investment acceleration here.

Choice of investment

According to Mr. Thu, Quang Nam authorities cannot promote or attract investment massively. Only qualified projects are selected on the basis of financial and livelihood supports for the residents’ stability. They are also determined to reject the projects that damage the environment.  

Quang Nam has not waited for investors but given them available projects for choice at the investment forums or conferences. In this spirit, an investment promotion program was issued on June 29, 2017 with a relatively comprehensive list of projects of supporting, processing, manufacturing industries; telecommunications; new energy and renewable energy; the industry of agriculture, forestry and fishery products; construction materials; hi-tech agriculture; infrastructure of industrial parks and clusters.

Vice Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Le Tri Thanh said that Quang Nam has changed the way of investment promotion by directly meeting the potential investors; therefore, the result is better and more reliable.

Quang Nam is planning to cooperate with foreign research institutes and consulting agencies to evaluate the trends and the partners from Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. The province also focuses on 6 prior fields within the framework of Vietnam-Japan cooperation; looking for investment opportunities from newly signed treaties such as the Korea-Vietnam FTA, the Asia-Europe FTA, and the ASEAN economic community.

The Quang Nam set of investment guides including investment plans, websites, brochures, video clips, and opportunity projects is being completed in Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Thai. The set of documents is also updated regularly in order to timely send to investors the projects calling for investment, legal procedures, mechanisms and policies of investment, the information relating to industrial parks and clusters among others. At the same time, it is necessary to review and monitor the deployment of licensed projects to ensure their progress.