Revival of Ma Chau silk


Ma Chau silk has been restored and becomes a 4-star OCOP product in Quang Nam. 

Ma Chau silk
Ma Chau silk

Ma Chau silk village was founded in the 15th century, specializing in weaving silk for nobles and mandarins. Ma Chau silk in its flourishing period was exported to everywhere in the world.

Like other traditional silks in the country, Ma Chau silk was not popular with consumers in the late 20th century due to its high price compared to industrial silk.

However, the Ma Chau Silk Cooperative (renamed as Ma Chau Silk Silk Co., Lid later) owned by Tran Ky Phuong has made every effort to revive Ma Chau silk, traditional Quang Nam silk.

In 2019, Ma Chau silk was recognized as a 3-star OCOP product of Quang Nam. Then, its quality and patterns were improved. The brabd name of Ma Chau silk has been gradually known and popular with consumers.

Besides, Ma Chau Silk Co., Ltd. is also trying to build several channels for product retail, participate in trade promotion, fairs, exhibitions, and product promotion on social networks.

In 2020, Ma Chau Silk Co., Ltd. was supported with Korean dyeing technology. It was considered as a chance for Ma Chau silk to be better and more beautiful with different patterns.

All products of Ma Chau silk village have their own stories of Quang Nam culture. In late 2020, Ma Chau silk was recognized as a 4-star OCOP product of Quang Nam, contributing to the process of its revival.