Rising of “Made in Quang Nam” products


“Made in Quang Nam” products become more and more popular with local consumers, especially when the traditional Vietnamese lunar new year is coming.

Customers at a supermarket in Quang Nam province
Customers at a supermarket in Quang Nam province

At present, various products “Made in Quang Nam” are sold in local markets, including Ngoc Lan fish saurce, Bao Tam pure vegetable oil, Mrs.Mot cereal, Phuoc Hiep Duc soft bean candy, Huong green bean cake, Huong Lan sticky rice.

Customers are pleased with “Made in Quang Nam” products thanks to their quality, deliciousness, reasonable price and clear origin.

According to Deputy Director of the Quang Nam Department of Industry and Trade Thieu Viet Dung, Vietnam’s domestic products in general and Quang Nam's products in particular are facilitated to be promoted. The "Made in Quang Nam" products are plentiful and diversified now.

As a result, the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods" is increasingly spreading out in domestic market.