Strategy for Tam Ky city development

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(QNO) - A conference  on development strategy (CDS) for Tam Ky city (Quang Nam province) was jointly organized by the city People’s Committee and the Office of United Nations  Human Resettlements Programme (UN-Habitat) in Vietnam on September 20.

A corner of Tam Ky city. Photo: phuantien
A corner of Tam Ky city. Photo: phuantien

There are   5 strategies to be discussed in the conference, consisting of increasing supporting services and training human resource for Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and Quang Nam’s industrial parks to develop hi-tech industries; supports for local communities, medium and small-sized businesses in industry, trade and services; improvement in public space at the city centre; hi-tech research and application in agriculture; sustainable management of natural resources and climate change response.

Along with investment on technique infrastructure, the CDS mentioned to some policies for the city development in medium and long terms, resource mobilization solutions to raise the city’s economic competitiveness competence, to make Tam Ky a province’s capital city green and worth living.

The conference was highly appreciated. Hopefully, Tam Ky will be built and developed as the planning orientated until 2030, a vision to 2050.