Tam Thang Industrial Park


The Tam Thang Industrial Park was built 5 years ago, helping revive the arid sand area of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province.

Tam Thang Industrial Park
Tam Thang Industrial Park

Efforts to get over difficulties

The Tam Thang Industrial Park (IP) is one of five industrial clusters under the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone. It was built to motivate the economic development in Eastern Quang Nam.

Three months after the construction of the IP started, the Panko Group was handed over more than 30 hectares of land to build its textile factory in July, 2015, marking the beginning of the Tam Thang IP.

The target of the IP is sustainable development attached to environmental protection. So, at the beginning of its infrastructure construction, a waste-water treatment plant with a capacity of 28,000m3 a day and night was built with the support from the Panko Group.

In addition, a waste-water recycling plant also came into operation in mid-2018. These two plants contribute to making up the brand name of the Tam Thang IP.

There have been 23 investment projects in the Tam Thang IP. 19 of them are the FDI ones with a total registered capital of USD 515 million, 4 local projects with nearly VND339 billion. 18 projects have come into operation, providing jobs for over 11,000 labours. The occupancy rate of the IP reaches 72%.

Solutions for sustainable development

The Tam Thang IP is working towards a green, clean and beautiful IP and sustainable development. The IP will focus on infrastructure synchronisation attached to environmental protection by controlling waste water, solid waste and air contamination; planting trees to separate the IP from the rest.

In addition, an incident response lake will be built, accompanied by the two plants of waste-water treatment and water recycling so that the waste water in the IP is treated and controlled well. It is expected that everything in the IP will complete by 2021.

In the coming time, the Tam Thang IP will give the priority to strategic projects with advanced high technologies that can link global production and supply chain.

Hopefully, the Tam Thang IP will soon become a green, clean and beautiful IP that develops sustainably.