Technological innovation in Quang Nam


(QNO) - Quang Nam is in progress of integration, technological innovation and modernization in order to cope with the 4th Industrial Revolution. Technological innovation helps businesses save time and money, raise their productivity and the quality of their products to meet market demands, sustainably develop and take part in the global supply chain.

Technological innovation in Quang Nam.
Technological innovation in Quang Nam.

Development background

Technology is being renewed to increase production values by Quang Nam businesses. Hong Dao-Chu Lai Joint Stock Company (JSC), which specializes in bags production in the Open Economic Industrial Zone, is an example. They have used the PL-Y4 lead edge feeder flexo printer slotter stacker machine instead of the 5-colour Flexo. The change helps the company save time and materials, improve the models and designs, and raise its capacity. So, the company has had a raise in turnover.

Another example is Dai Duong Kinh Production, Trading and Service Co. Ltd in Tay An Industrial Cluster (Duy Xuyen district). Thanks to the replacement of direct thermal radiation technology with thermal convection technology, the company has produced the Low-E glass whose E value is at least 0.04. In addition, the company has changed some others such as the heat-resistant convection oven fan system along with the gas distribution and nozzle systems, the system of circulation fans and antioxidant gas pipes. Therefore, the capacity of the company has increased, which results in reducing production cost.

Manufacturing in Hong Dao – Chu Lai JSC.
Manufacturing in Hong Dao – Chu Lai JSC.

Thai Binh and Cam Ha companies have also been renewed so much. They are using robots as replacements for workers and have good effects.

The technological innovation has occurred so much in Quang Nam thanks to the support from the State. The durable connection between businesses, the State and scientists helps promote stable production in Quang Nam. According to Assistant Director of the Quang Nam Department of Science and Technology Pham Ngoc Sinh, Quang Nam’s target is an industrial province; so, the province has been supporting businesses to develop their internal resources and approach new technology. Moreover, Quang Nam is always ready for receiving investment, encouraging businesses to innovate technology and improve their production values.

Improvement of tools

Along with technological innovation, the businesses in Quang Nam have also paid attention to the problems of occupational safety, hygiene and environmental protection. Making use of the 5S programme and the Kaizen improved tools in Hong Dao Chu Lai JSC and Cam Ha Co.Ltd has shown remarkable convenience and efficiency. 5S includes sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain.  Kaizen is a system of continual improvement that is a component of lean manufacturing.

Robots used instead of workers in Cam Ha Co. Ltd
Robots used instead of workers in Cam Ha Co. Ltd

Quality management

The system of quality management has been applied successfully in Quang Nam, which helps raise the quality of products and the job performance, contributing to sustainable development.
Hong Dao – Chu Lai JSC has won a lot of prizes, including the National Quality one. It has also been chosen for the programme of Brands Vietnam. Its products have been consumed in both domestic and foreign markets. The achievements of the company came from the application of some ISO standards. They are ISO 9001-2008 for quality management systems, ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 45001 for occupational safety and health. It is reported that ISO 9001-2015 will soon replace for ISO 9001-2008 in this company.

The system of quality management in a Quang Nam enterprise.
The system of quality management in a Quang Nam enterprise.

Similarly, Dai Duong Kinh Co. Ltd has applied ISO 9001-2015 since 2016, using the systems of productivity improvement and quality control for machinery and equipment since 2017. As a result, its products are considered high quality, meeting its customers’ demands. Its brands have been better and better known. Its turnover has increased considerably.  Its markets are expanded to Asian countries.

When businesses’ quality management systems are accepted, their prestige and competitive capacity will be raised.  Moreover, these systems can support businesses to train their new resources, manage labours easily.

Adaption and change

There are so many chances and challenges in the 4th Industrial Revolution. So, it is necessary to have managers’ suitable strategies and businesses’ adaption.

Industry  4.0 makes a big change in the world. Automation will dominate the world. It is a chance for businesses to cut down their transaction and management costs. A large amount of information will help businesses to access markets and enlarge their cooperation. It is also an opportunity for businesses to expand their production and grow. Therefore, businesses need innovation in technology to cope with the situation.

The working environment in Hong Dao-Chu Lai JSC is always comfortable, helping all the staffs to be active and creative. They spend one hour a week discussing and exchanging techniques and skills in working. So, the staffs can regularly update and upgrade their knowledge and better their skills.

According to Vice Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee, it is necessary to have drastic policies and decisions to encourage businesses to adapt to the current globalization and develop sustainably. There should be scientific strategies, specific plans, focusing on digitization and developing a digital economy. In addition, the training of human resources is very important to this trend.