Textile and garment industry in Quang Nam


(QNO) - The export turnover of garment industry has recently increased dramatically, contributing to creating employment and raising provincial values of industrial production.

Garment industry
Garment industry

Flourishing textile and garment companies

The working atmosphere in My Hung and Phu Thinh garment companies at Ke Xuyen- Quan Go Industrial Park (Thang Binh) and Phu Ninh district was very busy at the end of 2017. The products here are exported to the US, South Korea and Taiwan. At present, the companies are trying to renew, restructure their production to meet the demands of international markets. It is estimated that My Hung Garment Co. Ltd. will employ 1000 labours in 2018 (up 300 workers compared to 2017) to ensure the products enough for export on time.
The textile and garment industry has developed quite quickly and comprehensively in Quang Nam over the past years. The birth and investment of textile and garment enterprises have contributed to the increase of industrial values, creating employment for people. The Tam Thang Industrial Park with 5 projects related to textile and garment put into operation brought industrial atmosphere to the Eastern region. Besides, a series of private textile and garment factories went to rural areas in Phu Ninh, Duy Xuyen, Que Son, Dien Ban..., bringing employment to the locals, helping increase their income and improve their lives.

It is reported that the textile and garment turnover (especially from export) accounts for a high proportion of the total industrial production value of the province this year.

Increasing investment and facing challenges

Most of the textile and garment enterprises in Quang Nam are facing difficulties of raw materials that are mainly imported. It results in high cost price of the products, reducing competitive capacity. The asynchronous and unavailable infrastructure is a big disadvantage in competition.

Leather industry
Leather industry

The national and provincial textile and garment sector faced a lot of difficulties in export in 2017, especially competition with products from China, India among others. Therefore, increasing investment of capital and technology is essential to increasing competitiveness. In Quang Nam, modern and synchronous equipment, automatization, and production expansion have been invested, namely in Hoa Tho Textile Joint Stock Company (Thang Binh district) and Vast Apparel Vietnam Co. Ltd. (Phu Ninh district), Germton Industrial Co. Ltd. (Dong Que Son Industrial Park).

Besides, the development of human resources, the support industries and material areas for textile and garment are invested. In addition, a close production process will be set up to link textile and garment businesses together, then gradually transfer them from doing outwork to original design manufacturers.