THACO: Confident in integration


Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) came into operation in Quang Nam in 2003. The company, which has gradually developed strongly, aims to become a multidisciplinary industrial corporation.

THACO Kia factory
THACO Kia factory

Multidisciplinary industrial corporation

THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park covers an area of more than 1,200 hectares with a total investment of more than 80,500 billion VND (equivalent to 3.5 billion USD), including Mechanical & Automotive Industrial Park, Agricultural – Forestry Industrial Park, Logistics and Port Services, Chu Lai Urban Area.

Currently, THACO Chu Lai is considered as the biggest center for automotive industry in Vietnam and the leading one in Southeast Asia.

The THACO’s strategy is to be a multidisciplinary industrial corporation with the key of automotive industry and mechanics.

The development of the company has made an important contribution to investment attraction in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone in particular and to the Quang Nam province's socio-economic development in general.

Confidence in integration

Road leading to THACO
Road leading to THACO

Entering the era of integration, THACO has made a survey of characteristics of potential markets, the demand of customers, standards and regulations of importing countries.

Besides, THACO tries to increase the localization rate to meet the Regional Value Content (RVC) to enjoy the tax rate of 0% under the ATIGA.

THACO is joining the global value chain with some international car brands manufactured in Vietnam such as Kia (Korea), Mazda (Japan), Peugeot (France); exporting autos, automobile spare parts to ASEAN countries.

In particular, THACO is taking advantages of industrial park infrastructure, manufacturing technology, management solutions and logistics network to catch up with the trend of FDI companies moving production from foreign countries to Vietnam.