Thaco increases export of car seats


(QNO) - Thaco’s Autocom factory covering 12,000m2 produces 100,000 sets of car seats for domestic market and 300,000 ones for export each year.

Autocom factory.Photo: THACO
Autocom factory. Photo: Thaco

Thaco’s Autocom factory came into operation in 2008. Its car seats are popular with consumers and quickly dominate domestic and overseas markets.

Modern technology

Autocom factory is equipped with modern technological lines and facilities imported from Germany and Japan. Thaco’s seat cushions are manufactured by a technological line imported from Italia and tested by a machine made in the USA.

The process of completing the product is done automatically, contributing to the increase of manufacturing capacity and the quality of products.

Car seat production line. Photo: THACO
Car seat production line. Photo: THACO

The quality management system used at the factory is in the standard of IATF 16949, ISO 9001:2015, including the machines imported from the USA, the UK, Japan and South Korea.

Its production management system is built on a digitalization platform through barcodes to control product information, applying software for information management and material requirements planning, maintenance management and equipment maintenance.

In addition, the task of research and development is focused; therefore, the staff for research and development are trained by South Korean and Malaysian experts in automotive composites.

The leading exporter of automotive seat covers in Vietnam

Autocom products are chosen by major car manufacturers thanks to their diversity with different designs, high durability and advanced features at a 100% rate of localization. Its major products include seats for passenger cars, buses and vans.

Production lines of car seat covers. Photo: Thaco
Production lines of car seat covers. Photo: Thaco

Besides, Autocom factory provides high quality car accessories and interiors such as seat covers, steering wheel covers, gear shift covers, dashboard mats, floor mats, car covers, truck covers, sun visors, backrests, neck pillows and utility bags. Seat covers are the key export products.

In 2019, the factory got USD 5 millions of exported car seat covers and USD 1.2 millions of exported gear shift covers. The numbers are expected to go up in 2020. At the same time, the markets of Thaco’s products will also be expanded to the US, Thailand and Japan.

Autocom factory is planned to increase its export of car seat covers and gear shift covers to 150,000 and 1,200,000 sets a year respectively. It is also expected to provide bus seats, car seat cushions... for domestic businesses.