The province's industrial development in eastern region


(QNO) - To be ready to receive a new investment flow, both the authority of Tam Ky city (Quang Nam province) and  investors create favourable conditions to attract good projects.

A corner of Tam Thang IZ
A corner of Tam Thang IZ

Tam Thang, located in the east of Tam Ky city, is emerging as a dynamic development area with the presence of an Industrial Zone  (IZ). Just after one- year operation, about 70% of Tam Thang IZ has been filled . This figure is a dream of other IZs in the context of difficult economy and the calculation of FDI investors. According to the Management Board of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (management agency of Tam Thang IZ), investors are interested in investing into Tam Thang IZ thanks to the fast transfer of clean space, cheap land for rent and tax-related preferences.

Chairman of Members Council and Head of Tam Thang IZ Management Board Nguyen Van Chung said, more than 250ha  is surveyed to expand and call for investment in the model of socialization. Clean industry and hi-tech industries have priority in this stage.

In the last time, a series of breakthrough strategic projects in provincial eastern region consisted of Nam Hoi An Resort,  projects from Panko Group in Tam Thang IZ, a joint-venture of Truong Hai Automobile Join Stock Company, Mazda Group (Japan) and Huyndai (South Korea), Peugeot (France), a joint-venture in oil and gas between ExxonMobil Group (America) and Vietnam national Petroleum Group…

According to Standing Deputy Secretary of the Quang Nam province Phan Viet Cuong, the only way of changing the eastern appearance is industrial and tourism development. So, the local authorities should create favourable conditions for investors to implement their projects effectively.