Truong Hai joins a global supply chain


(QNO)- Truong Hai joins the global supply chain of auto spare parts amid Covid-19 outbreak. Car tweezers and plastic components are key products.

Truong Hai plastic products
Truong Hai plastic products
According to Quang Nam customs, Truong Hai still keeps on exporting its products to South Korea, Japan, the U.S and the EU, trying not to interrupt the global automotive supply chain.

So, it contributes to increase the total export turnover of Quang Nam by 20% compared to the same period of last year.

A 3.5-ha plant producing plastic auto spare parts was put into operation with a capacity of 160 thousand components a year in 2018. It is rated to own the most advanced technology for plastic components in Vietnam.

Besides plastic auto spare parts, the plant produces other plastic products such as pallets, floor and motocycle parts. The export market will be expanded to Ecuador, Rusia, Australia and Malaysia this year.

A 2-ha plant with a capacity of 12 thousand tons a year manufaturing car tweezers with global quality was built in Chu Lai. Its products are exported to South Korea, Australia, Germany, Domica, Cambodia… It is expected to export over 5,100 tons in 2020.

Expanding the global supply chain

FTAs have created opportunities for Truong Hai to transfer technology and become a provider of support products for multinational corporations.

Keeping the global supply chain on amid Covid-19 outbreak shows the right strategy of the company: joining the global supply chain, exporting auto spare parts and cars to the countries in ASEAN and others.

The localisation rate of Truong Hai automobiles reaches 40%, meeting regional value content requirements so that its products for export can gain the 0% tax rate.

Besides exporting, Truong Hai provides its plastic car components and tweezers for domestic automobile manufacturers. Its target is to become the leading plastic component manufacturer in Vietnam.