Sharing happiness

Thursday, november 28, 2019 09:39

(QNO) - A Memorandum of Cooperative Agreement (MoCA) on granting scholarships to pupils and students who live in Hoa Binh (Peace) Village in Quang Nam was signed by CTR Vina Co., Ltd. and Hoa Binh Village on November 25.

Signing ceremony of MoCA
Representatives of  CTR Vina Co., Ltd. and Hoa Binh Village at the signing ceremony of the MoCA

Social responsibility

The event is in the program of supporting and sharing happiness.

According to the MoCA, from November 25, 2019 to November 25, 2424, orphans and poor students who live in Hoa Binh Village (Quang Nam province) and study at universities and colleges are granted scholarships by CTR Vina company (locating in Tam Thang Industrial Park, Tam Ky city). Each year, 5 students are supported with their school fee.

At the signing ceremony, 3 scholarships worth 50 million VND were given to Phan Thi Kim Thanh (Quang Nam Medical College), Phan Thi Thanh Ngan (Quang Nam University) and Nguyen Thi Hien Giang (Tran Phu Secondary School, Phu Ninh district). On this occasion, CTR Vina company also gave more than 100 gifts including warm clothes and school supplies to children in Hoa Binh Village.

Speaking at the ceremony, CEO of CTR Vina company Choi Young Dae said his company (specializing in automotive components manufacturing) was put into operation in 2018 and run well in Quang Nam thanks to the support from local people and authorities.

To express his company’s gratitude for their help, CTR Vina is determined to become a socially responsible business and the MoCA with Hoa Binh Village is of this plan. It is of the activities the company brings to the children in Hoa Binh Village and Vietnamese employees working at CTR Vina company in the hope that they will become talented and useful people to society. At the same time, CTR Vina will achieve more good results in its production and continue to be a good enterprise in Vietnam.

The project of CTR Vina company - a subsidiary of CENTRAL Group from South Korea,  is covering an area of ​​54,000m2 in Tam Thang Industrial Park.

Humanitarian programme 

Leader of CTR Vina comapny (Right) gives gifts to students in Hoa Binh Village
Leader of CTR Vina comapny (Right) gives gifts to students in Hoa Binh Village

Two sisters Phan Thi Kim Thanh and Phan Thi Thanh Ngan are the first children growing up in Hoa Binh Village to pass the entrance examination to colleges/ universities. Thanh is a senior student at Quang Nam Medical College. Ngan is a second-year student at Quang Nam University.

In addition to the Vietnamese Government’s support (on average over VND 900,000/month/case), Thanh and Ngan have to work part-time to get more money for their studying. Therefore, they are very happy to gain the 30 million VND scholarship from CTR Vina company.

Thanh shared, “I was very happy to receive the scholarship from CTR Vina company. I will spend this money to help my younger sister study better”.

Nguyen Thi Hien Giang is another student in Hoa Binh Village getting a scholarship from CTR Vina company. Despite a poor student, Giang has achieved good results in her study and becomes a class monitor. She loves the life in Peace Village because of the love and care she’s received from the village.  She promises to study well to become a good citizen. She also hopes to help people in Hoa Binh Village in the future.

Director of Hoa Binh Village Vo Thi Hong Hanh said there are 51 pupils and students in Hoa Binh Village from kindergarten to university now. With the support from the Vietnamese Government and the efforts from teachers, caregivers, staffs in Hoa Binh Village, children here are taken care of and educated well. Many children have overcome the difficulties to become good pupils and students.

However, some students in Hoa Binh Village are still afraid of getting higher education such as universities or colleges because they have no relatives. Therefore, Ms. Hanh highly appreciates the support from CTR Vina company for students in Hoa Binh Village. This is a humanitarian program. The long-term and sustainable support from CTR Vina company will be the motivation for the children here to continue their efforts in learning and getting higher education.