Awakening tourism potential in Nong Son

Saturday, october 27, 2018 10:13

(QNO) - Nong Son district is located in the upper basin of Thu Bon river in Quang province. There are a lot of historical and cultural relics here such as Le Pass, Trung Phuoc, Hon Kem Da Dung, Dai Binh, Tan Tinh, and the shrine of Lady Thu Bon. They are the potential for tourism development here.

The beauty of Hon Kem Da Dung.
The beauty of Hon Kem Da Dung.

It takes 3 hours to get to Hon Kem Da Dung from Hoi An by motor-boat. The place is really a water-colour painting of imposing rocky cliffs and green forests. Coming here, people can visit such places as Khe Nghieng, Da Ban, Da Mai, Nuoc Mat, Ba Hang, Vung Tam... associated with several legends. Standing on Que Lam Bridge, visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Hon Kem Da Dung valley and the peacefulness of the villages in the distance.

Boating down the Thu Bon river, tourists will have chances to visit the shrine of Lady Thu Bon, Nong Son relics of victory, agarwood craft village (in Que Trung comune), Tay Vien hot spring (in Son Vien commune), Khe Dien hydroelectric dam among others. Besides, Nong Son district is also attractive to tourists thanks to the village of South Vietnam in Quang Nam named Dai Binh.

This C-shaped village is verdant luxuriant all year round. In August of lunar calendar, the number of visitors to the village dramatically increases because it is the season of pomelo – a specialty here. There are more and more tourism services in Dai Binh nowadays.

According to Chairman of the Nong Son district People's Committee Le Ngoc Trung, Nong Son has great potential for tourism development. It is the mountains and rivers of worth, the cultural and historical values. However, tourism has not developed methodically yet. Tourism products have not been invested. At present, Nong Son has two attractive destinations - Dai Binh and Hon Kem Da Dung, which are seasonally attractive to visitors, 5 guest houses and 3 homestays. Therefore, Nong Son district is now building two projects on planning for tourism development in the period of 2018-2025, vision to 2030 and tourism development in Dai Binh village associated with the development of organic agriculture. Dai Binh village will be built as the district’s center of tourism, connecting with other places. In addition, the models of community-based tourism, local cultural tourism will be developed to create its own identity. Tourism development must be associated with natural and cultural conservation in order to promote the local potential and advantages for sustainable development in a balanced way. At the same time, the district’s transport infrastructure is also completed to easily connect with neighbour tourist destinations such as My Son Sanctuary (Duy Xuyen district), Phuoc Tra relic area, Viet An lake (Hiep Duc district), Tien spring (Que Son district), Hoi An, and Da Nang.

As can be seen that the National Highway 14H through Phuong Ranh has been completed, connecting Nong Son and Duy Xuyen. Tra Linh bridge between Que Lam (Nong Son) and Hiep Thuan (Hiep Duc) and Dong Truong Son road through Nong Son, Nam Giang and Hiep Duc districts are being completed, contributing to the tourism development of Nong Son and of Quang Nam’s Western mountainous districts.
Mr. Le Ngoc Tuong - Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism stated that the projects on tourism development in Nong Son were suitable to the provincial policies and strategies. The province will support the district with training human resources, sharing experiences in tourism services exploitation, destination management and promotion, and calling for tourism investment.
Hopefully, Nong Son with lots of attractive destinations will be an unforgettable experience for those who visit it.