Tourists in craft village

Sunday, october 14, 2018 16:56

(QNO) - Several departments of small-scale industries and households in traditional craft villages in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province have made use of tourist’s interest in handicraft for their tourism services.

Bree Dawn is making a pottery products in Thanh Ha village
Bree Dawn is making a pottery products in Thanh Ha village

Enthusiam in playing with soil

Bree Dawn, an Australian tourist decided to stay in Hoi An city one more week because she wanted to have a new experience in her trip in this city. Bree told that, before leaving Hoi An, she had met a young man in the hotel lobby. He asked whether she wanted to play with clay or not. She nodded. Then, the young man whose name is Tan took her to his workshop in Thanh Ha pottery village. Here, Bree Dawn was helped to make pottery items. She found it so interesting that Bree cycled to Thanh Ha pottery village every morning to make pottery products she liked.

Everyday, Thanh Ha pottery village welcomes hundreds of tourists to experience and participate in making simple products such as tò he – Vietnamese children’s traditional toy and others. Coming here, tourists like Bree choose to stay some more days in Hoi An city to finish their pottery products to bring them back home as the gifts from this city.

Tourists are eager to make lanterns

Teaching tourists to make lanterns has become a popular tourism product in Hoi An city. Bill Creighton – an American tourist said to his 10 year-old son that he didn’t think making lantern is an masterstroke; and he didn’t believe it was his product.

European tourists are fond of making lantern.
European tourists are fond of making lantern.

Beside the tours of “One day of a fisherman” and “One day as a farmer in Tra Que”…, making pottery, lanterns, products from coconut leaves is attractive to tourists, especially European tourists. It is a chance to better the local lives and maintain the traditional handicraft.