Hoi An - one of the world's cheapest places to visit in 2019

Wednesday, february 20, 2019 09:52

(QNO) - Hoi An (Quang Nam province) is on the Insider’s  list of the world’s friendliest places to visitors’ purse in 2019.

Japanese Bridge, the symbol of Hoi An.
Japanese Bridge, the symbol of Hoi An.

In Hoi An, the cost of a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a can of coca cola, a bottle of wine, a 1.5-liter bottle of fresh water, a tube of sun cream, a tube of mosquito repellent cream and a dinner for 2 is 86.87 US dollars. At this price, Hoi An ranks 11.

Also, the image of Hoi An is placed at the beginning of the article with the title Hoi An, Vietnam – the world’s most wallet-friendly destinations in 2019.

Hoi An has also been voted as one of 50 world’s best destinations in 2019 by the Travel&Leisure.