1-kilo Ngoc Linh ginseng tuber in Quang Nam province


(QNO) - A wild ginseng tuber weighing nearly 1kilo was found in a primeval forest in Ngoc Linh mountain on June 23 by Mr Ho Van Hanh (hamlet 4, Tra Linh commune, Nam Tra My district).


This ginseng tuber is about 50cm long with five different sections. Each section is about 3cm diameter. Especially, it has 150 knots, equivalent to 150 years old.

Anh Hồ Văn Chiêu (con ông Hạnh) nâng niu “cây tỉ đô”. Ảnh: H.T

According to Mr Hanh, this is the largest wild ginseng tuber to be found in Ngoc Linh mountain. It takes a ginseng tree 15 years to have a one-ounce tuber.

Củ sâm được ra giá bán lên đến 210 triệu đồng. Ảnh: H.T